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Ky Kiske and his Servants.

The following is a list of servants in Sin and Ky's Tribe from Guilty Gear 2 -Overture-.


Sin and Ky Kiske's tribe is very balanced in soldier types, coupled with excellent servants. The two masters themselves have high combat abilities, so when they battle along with their units, they have many tactical options in combat.

It is the most versatile and expensive tribe, but also the most powerful. Almost all units are flat-out better than any others of the same type, but their high cost means these troops will be outnumbered the majority of the time. It is also the only army with access to every unit type, which means the player needs a good idea of which units to spend time and mana unlocking.



Name Class HP Unlock Summon Info
GG2 Sin Ky tribe icon 1.png
Melee 520 -- 225 Soldier with average powers. Its special attack, a thrust high in attack power, can easily knock a foe down.
  • AT1 - Melee attack. (Dmg: 35.)
  • AT2 - Charge attack. (Dmg: 45.)
  • Askill "Results of Training" (修行の成果, Shugyō no Seika?) - A physical attack with knockdown and guard crush effects. (Dmg: 70; hit: 2 units; cooldown: 15s.)
Gauntlet Body
GG2 Sin Ky tribe icon 2.png
Armored 900 150 420 Excels in offense and endurance. Some attacks are powerful eough to launch an opponent on contact.
  • AT1 - Melee attack. (Dmg: 45; hit: 2 units.)
  • AT2 - Melee knockdown attack. Launches and pursues an enemy at point-blank range. (Dmg: 20+75; hit: 1,3 units.)
GG2 Sin Ky tribe icon 3.png
Mobile 620 150 360 Light on its feet. Its Steel Antler skill can temporarily decrease the defense of enemy armored units.
  • AT1 - Melee attack. (Dmg: 32.)
  • AT2 - Irregular charge attack. A charge attack after a sidestep. (Dmg: 40.)
  • Askill "Steel Antler" (スティールアントラー, Sutīru Antorā?) - Lowers the defense of the enemy's armored units. (Dmg: 20; duration 20s; cooldown: 15s.)
Wise Man
GG2 Sin Ky tribe icon 4.png
Magic 360 200 160 Enhances nearby allies with its magic, supplementing their offense and magical defese.
  • AT1 - Bouncing power shot. (Dmg: 16 x 3.)
  • PCskill "Good Luck" (がんばりなさい, Ganbarinasai?) - Increases the attack ability of nearby allies. (Duration: 30s; cooldown: 10s.)
  • PCskill "Endure It" (耐えなさい, Taenasai?) - Extremely reduces the enemy's magic damage for a fixed amount of time. (Duration: 30s; cooldown: 10s.)
Twin Trigger
GG2 Sin Ky tribe icon 5.png
Range 300 200 140 Long-range soldier. Has low defense, but its three consecutive shots offer quite a powerful protection.
  • AT1 - Normal shot. (Dmg: 25.)
  • AT2 "Send Flowers" (花束を贈る, Hanataba o Okuru?) - Fires three consecutive shots. The third shot penetrates and damages multiple enemies. (Dmg: 25+25+40; hit: 3 units.)
Convict Hammer
GG2 Sin Ky tribe icon 6.png
Elite Armor 2000 400 460 Its aura increases allies' offense. Has high resistance to ranged and magic units. CAn also dispel.
  • AT1 - Charge attack. (Dmg: 70; hit: 2 units.)
  • AT2 "Repent" (懺悔せよ, Zange seyo?) - Close-range area attack with a knockdown effect. Won't receive damage or back down during this move unless it's an attack from a mobile unit. (Dmg: 50 + 50; hit; 2,5 units.)
  • Pskill "Results of Daily Diligence" (日々精進のたまもの, Hibi Shōjin no Tamamono?) - Permanent defense bonus against ranged and magic attacks.
  • PCskill "Not Enough Faith" (信心が足りん, Shinjin ga Tarin?) - Cancels an enhancement skill on one enemy servant or a negative effect on an allied soldier. (Cooldown: 10s.)
  • Pskill "Soldier's Breath" (戦士の呼吸, Senshi no Kokyū?) - Increases the offensive ability of surrounding allied servants.
Quadro Bailiff
GG2 Sin Ky tribe icon 7.png
Elite Ranged 1150 400 360 Advanced unit with high mobility. In addition to its normal arsenal, it has a direct attack for close combat.
  • AT1 - Charge knockdown attack. (Dmg: 60 / 80 (Critical hit); hit: 5 units.)
  • AT2 - Normal shot. (Dmg: 60.)
  • Askill "Bisection of the Body Along with Your Sins" (その罪と共に身も両断, Sono Tsumi to Tomoni mi mo Ryōdan?) - Ranged knockdown attack. (Dmg: 40; hit: 10 units; cooldown: 10s.)
  • Pskill "Because I'm Elite" (エリートだからな, Erīto Dakara na?) - Every time Quadro Bailiff's attack hits an enemy, there is a fixed probability of it being a critical hit. (Chance: 50%.)
Heaven's Libra
GG2 Sin Ky tribe icon 8.png
Elite Magic 800 400 380 Excels in long-range support. Raises ally attack speeds and places canes that lower enemy defenses.
  • AT1 - Divine parabola spread shot. (Dmg: 50 x 2; hit: 3 units.)
  • PCskill "Divine Protection of the Hurricane" (疾風の加護を, Hayate no Kago o?) - Increases the attack speed for an ally. (Duration: 30s; cooldown: 15s.)
  • Askill "Clear Your Sins" (罪の手を清めん, Tsumi no Te o Kiyomen?) - Places a cane that lowers the defense of nearby enemies. (Dmg: 30; hit: 5 units; duration: 30s; cooldown: 30s.)


Name Class HP Unlock Summon Info
Humming Sword
GG2 Sin Ky tribe icon 9.png
Mobile 300 -- 120 Minion whose attacks have a high stun rate despite its small size. Has a short cooldown.
Available to Sin only. Can be dispelled. Duration: 30s.
  • AT1 - Melee attack. (Dmg: 78.)
  • Askill "I'm Not a Carrier Pigeon" (伝書鳩じゃなくてよ, Denshobato Janakute yo?) - Close-range attack with a high chance of stunning the enemy for a short time. (Dmg: 52; cooldown: 10s.)


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