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The following is a list of Sin Kiske's commands throughout the series.

Guilty Gear 2

The following is Sin's action list in Guilty Gear 2 -Overture-.

Type Name Effect/Command
Skills Phantom Barrel Receives life from allied units nearby and releases that energy. The more allies there are, the more powerful this attack becomes, up to 3 levels.
Exciter Enhances Sin's attack moves, giving them more damage and the possibility of stunning the enemy.
Patecatl Stain Releases a projectile that simultaneously restores the life of any allies it passes through.
Hummingbird Sword Summons Summons a mobile minion.
Special Beak Driver Y
Big Beak Driver LS ↑ + Y (during lock-on)
Electroreverb LS ↓ + Y (counter)
Voltic Eye LS ← or → + Y (during lock-on)
Thrust like there's no tomorrow Y in midair
Overdrive R.T.L X + A (during max tension)

Guilty Gear Xrd

The following is Sin's move list in Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign-, -Revelator- and Rev 2:

Type Name Command
Normal -- Right + Punch
Right + Heavy Slash
Special Hawk Baker RightDownDown Right + Slash
Beak Driver DownDown RightRight + Heavy Slash (air OK)
→ I'm Sure I'll Hit Something Heavy Slash during Beak Driver
Bull Bash DownDown LeftLeft + Slash
Elk Hunt DownDown RightRight + Kick
Leap DownDown LeftLeft + Punch or Kick
Still Growing DownDown LeftLeft + Heavy Slash
Vulture Seize DownDown LeftLeft + Slash (air only)
Overdrives R.T.L RightDown RightDownDown LeftLeftRight + Heavy Slash or Dust (post-Revelator) (air OK) → Direction + Heavy Slash
Voltic Deign DownDown RightRightDownDown RightRight + Punch (air OK)
Instant Kill Raiden Enter Instant Kill Mode → DownDown RightRightDownDown RightRight + Heavy Slash