The following is a list of quotes attributed to Sin Kiske.

Guilty Gear Xrd Edit

  • "Aw man... it sucks to be you."
  • "My lightning's buy is one get one free! Now you can get burned just for a price of a shock!"
  • "One of us is gonna to win. I'm pretty sure I know who."
  • Sol (post-REV 2): "You ready for my multiples of 7?!"
  • Ky (post-REV 2): "Check out my black lightning! New and improved!"
  • Dizzy (post-REV 2): "You don't have to fight, mother. I'll protect you."
  • Ramlethal (post-REV 2): "Steak for dinner tonight! I'm not havin' anything else!"
  • "Hate to say it, but I'm pretty sure I told you so!"
  • "Want a rematch? I won't hold back this time!"
  • "That was a good fight! Same time tomorrow?"
  • Sol: "C'mon old man, at least TRY!"
  • Ky: "Hey, you're going easy on me, aren't you?"
  • Instant Kill:
    • "How'd you like that? You better fight with both hands if you wanna beat me!"
    • "Going aaaall out!"
    • Sol: "This time I'M beating the crap out of YOU!"
    • Sol: "Well? Feel like taking me seriously now ya old fart?"
    • Ky: "Give me more...! I want everything!"
    • Ky: "Heh heh. Check me out! Not a kid any more, am I?" / "I'm the thunder king now!"
  • Instant Kill reactions:
  • Self: "Hey... Old man! That guy from the mirror's back again! How do I make him disappear?"
  • Sol: "Well, I think I know who's doing the chores today!"
  • Ky: "This is my new special technique... Domestic Blizzard."
  • May: "You're really gonna fight with that thing? You should use stuff for what it's meant for, like me!"
  • Faust: "I don't really like fighting other Gears... Wait, seriously? You're human...?"
  • Potemkin: "Hey, fighting with robots is cheating! Why don't you come down here and fight me yourse- wait, you're HUMAN?!"
  • Chipp: "Heh. I couldn't really see you that well, but I must've clocked you pretty good at some point with all that swinging, huh?"
  • Zato: "Hey, when you dive down under the ground can you like... see stuff down there? Like rabbits or moles or something?"
  • Millia: "Whoa, you hair's really long... How many buckets of water do you have to haul up from the river to wash it?"
  • Axl: "Fighting from so far away really isn't fair, man. How 'bout we trade weapons? ...Damn, these are really hard to use. You can have 'em back."
  • Baiken (post-REV 2): "That old man Axl told me to flash my pearly whites at any lady who looks mad, but I tried smiling through the whole fight and now you seem even MORE angry!"
  • Johnny: "What's up with those glasses? They're completely black... Fash... ion? D-Don't make fun of me. I know what fashion is! It's something you eat, right?!"
  • Venom: "I'm telling you, if you don't cut your hair every three days, it'll get crazy long - Wh-What?! That doesn't happen to everybody?!"
  • Jam: "Woohooo! H-Hey, you don't have to cry, right? I held back a little... You okay? H-Huh? Responsibility...? W-Whoa, get away from me!"
  • Dizzy (post-REV 2): "M-Mom...! I'm so sorry, are you hurt? But that means I don't have to do my homework, right? What...! Y-You're not like Dad...?"
  • Slayer: "You shouldn't be smoking when you're old, it's not good for your health. What? You're not human...? "
  • I-No: "I like music, but I think I've had enough rock to last me a couple years." 
  • Ramlethal: "Hey, three on one is cheating! Gimme one of those! RRRRRRRGH... Dammit... No luck, I guess."
  • Leo: "What the... Those swords aren't like Ky's, but they, like...FEEL kinda like it..."
  • Elphelt: "Dammit... It's like you're not even aiming when you fire... I can't dodge when you do that!"
  • Bedman: "What the hell...? I never met anybody as scary as you... Well, except for the old man."
  • Jack-O' (post-REVELATOR): "3-on-1 wouldn't even describe what happened... this is crowd violence! No fair! Give me half of them... Well shoot. They don't like me..."
  • Raven (post-REVELATOR): "Ew, ew... And ew!"
  • Haehyun (post-REVELATOR): "I know you wanna ramble off big words, but I didn't understand a thing you said."
  • Answer (post-REV 2): "Don't you know you shouldn't litter? C'mon, I'll help you pick up all this trash. Huh, these little pieces of paper all have your name on them..."
System Voice
  • "Please select a partner!"
  • Self: "I'll be right there!"
  • Sol: "Old man!"
  • Ky: "Fa-... Ky!"
  • May: "Seriously scary kid..."
  • Faust: "It's a doctor!"
  • Potemkin: "Robo-soldier!"
  • Chipp: "Really fast guy!"
  • Zato-1: "This guy uses shadows..."
  • Millia: "She has awesome hair!"
  • Axl: "Don't know this guy."
  • Baiken: "Her stare freaks me out!"
  • Johnny: "Sunglasses at night?"
  • Venom: "This guy is good at games!"
  • Jam: "She always gives me free food!"
  • Dizzy: "Mother! Are you alright?"
  • Slayer: "A really old vampire!"
  • I-No: "Scary girl!"
  • Ramlethal: "Ram!"
  • Leo: "That old guy, Leo!"
  • Elphelt: "El!"
  • Bedman: "Sleeping guy."
  • Jack-O': "Friend of the old man?"
  • Raven: "This old guy uses needles!"
  • Haehyun: "They have white eyes!"
  • Answer: "I'm sure this is a bad guy!"
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