Sky Should be High is track in the game  Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR-  used as the track for the final boss in the Arcade mode.
Three version of the song were realesed with the soundtrack of the game a Vocal version, a Karaoke version and a Instrumental version, the latter being used for the Arcade mode.


I just tried to take the PATH
that led me to this FREE and ended in this bind.

The PAST is what it's called,
FILTH is what it is.
That's the wall of the CELL.

Fades away-!
Fades away like footsteps in the shoreline.
Why-? They try to bring me down.
Sky should be high! Backflow!

HERE we go again CON-tradiction.
Should I stay or should I die.

TRIED to pave a path,
DUG a huge hole,
had no clue that was my GRAVE.

Fades away-!
Hands and feet are bound. Can't even see.
Why-? They try to brin me down.
Sky should be high! Backflow!

Backflow! As dark shades are made by the sun.
Backflow! Good booze is just making it just worse.
The more words, the less I get.
This world is built in brimstone.

Can't you see.
The innocent may find the way.
Wise men lose track of a single path.
No one know tomorrow.


Jaded town of God. What the heck?
Stay away-!. Not going there.
Sky should be high!

Oh! Fades away-!
Fades away like footsteps on the shoreline.
(Yeah!) Fades away just one moment left!
Sky should be high! Backflow!


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