Slayer's Command List.


Punch - Punch
Kick - Kick
Slash - Slash
Heavy Slash - Heavy Slash
Dust - Dust
Respect - Respect

Notes on moveset:

  • A newly altered Slash version of Dandy Step added since Accent Core; Slayer dashes forward facing backward to cross up foes (to teleport behind them).
  • Slash adds in the Mappa Hunch feint.
  • Chi wo Suu Uchuu does not stagger in Isuka.
  • Undertow since Slash is no longer unblockable, and has one hit-super armor.
  • Feint version Dust, Down + Kick in mid-air, Big Bang Upper Force Break and Force Break Pile Bunker added in Accent Core.
    • Also enables It's Late to be performed standalone without needing to followup it up from Under Pressure.
  • Accent Core Plus R adds in Heavy Slash and Force Break version Dandy Step and changes Chi wo Suu Uchuu's command from Right Down-Right Down Down-Left Left + Heavy Slash to Down Down-Right Right + Heavy Slash.

Normal VersionEdit

Type Command Name
Special Down Down-Right Right + Punch or Kick (Hold to feint) Mappa Hunch


Down Down-Left Left + Punch or Kick or Slash or Heavy Slash D (Dandy) Step
Punch during D (Dandy) Step Pile Bunker
Kick during D (Dandy) Step Crosswise Heel
Slash during D (Dandy) Step Under Pressure
Heavy Slash during D (Dandy) Step or Under Pressure It's Late
Down Down-Right Right + Heavy Slash (while near opponent) Chi wo Suu Uchuu (Blood-Sucking Universe)
Right Down-Right Down Down-Left Left Right + Punch Undertow
Down Down-Left Left + Kick in mid-air Footloose Journey
Personal Move Right + Punch N/A
Right + Kick (Hold to feint) N/A
Right + Heavy Slash N/A
Down + Kick in mid-air N/A
Dust (Hold to feint) N/A
Force Break Down Down-Right Right + Dust Big Bang Upper
Down Down-Left Left + Dust D (Dandy) Step
Dust during D (Dandy) Step Pile Bunker
Overdrive Right Down-Right Down Down-Left Left Right + Slash Dead On Time
Down Down-Right Right Down Down-Right Right + Heavy Slash Eien no Tsubasa (Wings of Eternity)
Down Down-Left Left Down Down-Left Left + Slash in mid-air Chokkagata Dandy (Direct-Hit Dandy)
Instant Kill Punch Kick Slash Heavy Slash > Down Down-Right Right Down Down-Right Right + Heavy Slash All Dead


  1. The Japanese name of this move is "マッパハンチ" (Mappa Hanchi). In Guilty Gear Isuka, its English name is "Mach Punch", which can be transcribed into Japanese as "マッハパンチ" (Mahha Panchi).
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