Don't cry; that makes me feel "GUILTY". Leave... before I change my mind...

–Sol Badguy to Dizzy, Guilty Gear X

Sol Badguy is the main protagonist of the Guilty Gear series and Ky Kiske's rival. He is an aloof and brash bounty hunter of immense skill on a quest to find and eliminate all Gears and their creator, That Man. For a short time, Sol was also a member of the Sacred Order of Holy Knights and fought in the Crusades. This past version of him is known as "Order-Sol".

Sol has an Awakened form, who is an unlockable boss character in Guilty Gear Isuka only.


Sol has brown hair and eyes, which are sometimes depicted as reddish-brown or golden with slit pupils—the latter of which is to distinguish his true nature as a Gear. Wearing a red headband bearing the words "Rock You", Sol keeps his spiky, waist-length hair tied at all times. The headband conceals the red brand on his forehead that would expose him as a Gear. As Frederick, he is depicted with either brown or blue eyes; he sports a much shorter hair, a muscular physique and a white labcoat.

He wears a tight, black undershirt with the top half covered by a red sleeveless jacket, along with white jeans. His belt buckle has the word "FREE" scratched on it and a drape of red cloth hanging down beneath. Sol also wears a pair of black fingerless gloves, red shoes, and a multitude of belts, including a lone one on his left bicep. In later games, he is seen sporting long-sleeved, red leather jackets as well.

Sol fights using a blunt, rectangular sword known as Fireseal, or "Blazer" (which is now part in Junkyard Dog MK III as of the Xrd games), through which he releases a range of fire-based attacks. Of note is that Sol is officially left-handed.

Personality Edit

In the past as "Fredrick", he seemed to be a simple-yet-aloof scientist that was naturally a loner. He was content with having "That Man" and "Aria" be his only two friends, while not bothering to compromise his own integrity to appeal to others around him. Despite the fact he doesn't tolerate nonsense and has been shown to easily get grumpy whenever he can't explain something with logic, he tends to be an extremely intelligent individual who was fine with his life so far as he takes things in stride. Fredrick was often seen by most people as stubborn, crude and self-centered, even those who might call him a friend; he often never allows the opinions of others to dissuade him once he has made up his mind. He was often a bit of a lone wolf with a belligerent streak, who didn't do much of a good job of expressing himself to most people.

Upon becoming "Sol Badguy" however, he becomes more sullen and unrefined, speaking to others only when absolutely necessary. Most of his prior unruly traits, such as his gruffness, stubbornness, and his lone-wolf mentality are more exaggerated to what he is now. Often times, Sol tends to compensate by bullying people into line or simply steamrolling them, and has closed himself off from others more so than before.

Conversely, Fredrick hated working any harder than he had to, which means he rarely puts much effort into anything that isn't related to his goals. Upon becoming Sol Badguy, his dislike for effort seemingly increased throughout the years of his extended life being jaded, monotonous and full of guilt, hindering his motivation in other ways of life while focusing on killing gears as atonement and getting revenge on That Man. His said laziness even extends to how he raised Ky and Dizzy's son, Sin, putting him through the most basic forms of education and often not caring about how he influences him most of the time (especially when Sin took a majority of what Sol says at face value despite hefty amounts of deadpan sarcasm). Sol's exaggerated dislike for effort is even reflected in his fighting style: his moves are unrefined, but powerful so as to finish enemies with a single blow.

He may cynically mock Ky's "justice", but he secretly has a staunch sense of righteousness that drives him to avert further tragedy, and his actions prove that he is quite compassionate in contrast to his tough, anti-social persona. He cannot kill either Dizzy nor Solaria, he spares Testament on several occasions, takes the aforementioned Sin in at the behest of Ky and Dizzy, swears to save Elphelt, and even offers a prayer for Justice's soul as she dies.

Pre-Overture, Sol roamed the world alone and kept everyone at a distance. Bearing the guilt of working on the Gear Project and Aria's death, as well as the burden of That Man's betrayal and being a Gear or "monster", Sol dedicated himself to eliminating all Gears and to exact his revenge on That Man while becoming a rather sluggish and disinterested individual towards the world around him. However, his clashes with other characters—especially with Ky—slowly begin to change his outlook despite how "intrusive they were to his peaceful life", as does reluctantly taking Sin as his ward. In -REVELATOR-, Sol admits to Ariels that the world where he kept himself distant to others is worth saving, and finally acknowledges that despite what he is and his fear of the future, he is no longer alone in the world.

Despite his often composed demeanor, Sol expresses a nervous attitude whenever his connection to Dizzy and Justice is discussed. He is shown feeling embarrassment and is eager to avoid the issue, rather than acknowledge the possibility that he may be Dizzy's father.

Also in regards to Ky, Sol has admitted to him that he was always fearful of how he was a "killing machine" on the battlefield against multiple Gears at once (essentially, being a lone human who took on multiple "monsters"). Yet when he and Ky fought face-to-face for the first time and then-onward, he was annoyed for the longest time that he never felt the same type of chill or fear whenever the two of them clashed swords. This on top of his prior mocking of Ky's views, cemented his side of their rivalry for days on end until the two grew closer as the series progressed and as Ky gave him his reason: he saw Sol more as an opponent to overcome in a fair duel than a monster to slay, coupled along with no longer being as pushy to fight Sol akin to back then.

Story Edit

Background Edit

According to Guilty Gear Begin, Sol was born as Frederick Bulsara (フレデリック=バルサラ, Furederikku Barusara?) and majored in Magic Particle Physics. In his college years, he met Aria Hale, with whom he got romantically involved, and That Man, who became his best friend. Upon graduation, he intended to start working on the Saint Oratorio project but was called to join the core team of the Gear Project that was founded by Vince McDonell.

That Man Story

Frederick, Aria and That Man.

In 2015, they managed to stabilize Gear cells infused with magic, and That Man handed over their research to the state on four conditions, although he was worried about Aria's illness. Frederick learned about her condition in September 2016, and begged her to cryosleep until a cure was found; Aria refused as she'd rather spend her last moments with Frederick. That Man convinced Aria to cryosleep the only way he could: he forcibly converted Frederick into the Flame of Corruption, so that he would live indefinitely. Frederick woke up some time afterwards with amnesia, only to find that later experiments with Gear cells went awry.

Frederick escaped the facility and created his headband to control his nature as a Gear. As he was reported dead in 2016 but somehow had survived, Eripmavs D Yraid (implied to be Slayer) tracked him down to satiate his thirst for knowledge. Frederick's "passion [that] shone like the sun" illuminated Yraid's path and he thus bestowed upon Frederick the name "Sol". Post-2065, after the government restarted the Gear Project, Frederick made it his personal mission to destroy all Gears so that they couldn't be used for war. He was designated as "Badguy" by the authorities after he destroyed several Gear manufacturing facilities. He would later combine these names to create his new identity.

In 2073, Sol caught news of Justice's completion and created the Outrage—the supreme 'Anti-Gear' weapon—in response. As its power was far too cumbersome to control, it was separated into eight components, the "Sacred Treasures", which ended up in the custody of the United Nations. Justice's declaration of war in 2074 started the Crusades, and the Sacred Order of Holy Knights was formed to combat the Gear menace. Sol took neither side, but as a bounty hunter, he continued to destroy Gears on his own. In 2099, Sol saved a 6-year-old Kliff Undersn from a Gear attack.

Ggxxr mm 01

Sol in his Order days.

That same Kliff would become the Order's commander. When he heard rumors of Sol in 2172, he recruited Sol. Kliff told him about Ky Kiske, and Sol was unwillingly impressed after seeing him in action. One day, Ky challenged Sol to a duel, but Ky fought Sol as if he were human and lost. Sol took it as an insult, thinking Ky hadn't taken their fight seriously, which led to a growing tension between the two. Given Sol's unpleasant personality (especially when he was used to doing things his own way), many knights bore Sol "little more than ill will", and was nicknamed the "God of War".

In 2173, Sol challenged Justice on his own, but he was defeated and spared by her. Sol realized he needed to steal the Fireseal after all. Ky caught Sol during the act, but Sol defeated him once again and got away with the Fireseal. Kliff later caught up with Sol; instead of punishing his desertion, Kliff allowed Sol to have the Fireseal and let him go, telling Sol that he was "family". In 2175, Sol faced Justice for the second time after Ky pushed her to retreat. During the fight, Justice learned that Sol was a Gear and attempted to control him, but he was unaffected. Unleashing his flames, Justice lost power. Ky, who was on her trail, ordered his men to seal Justice—thus bringing the war to an end. Sol then slipped away and went back to his ways as a bounty hunter.

Guilty Gear Edit

Five years later, the walls of Justice's dimensional prison unexpectedly began to erode. During a particular bounty run, one of his marks begs to be spared, telling Sol about the Second Holy Order Selection Tornament before Sol ends his life.

Canonically, Sol is the winner of the Tournament, and it is here that Justice is told by Sol that because he is a prototype Gear, he cannot be controlled by Justice due to being made before her. Justice herself then discovers that Sol is, in fact, Frederick. Justice, in her dying words, comments that she wishes that "the three of us" could talk one last time, and Sol swears to kill That Man.

Guilty Gear X Edit

In 2181, less than a year later, Sol hears news of a still-functioning Gear with a bounty and sets out to investigate, taking part in the tournament to ensue.

He has three endings in X Plus, all of which involve a fight against Dizzy. He spares her life in all of them, either losing against her, or judging that she isn't a threat to the world. His third ending shows a conversation between Raven and That Man, who realizes that Dizzy is yet another reason to be killed by Sol.

Guilty Gear XX Edit

A few weeks later, Sol is chasing down I-No. His first ending, after he defeats I-No, leads to a direct confrontation with That Man. He casually deflects all of Sol's attacks, and warns of a conflict that will make the Crusades seem like a dim memory. In Sol's second ending, Slayer informs him that the Post-War Administration Bureau has started to move. In his third ending, Sol frees Dizzy of Necro's possession (caused by I-No knocking her off the Mayship). After he leaves, Dizzy wakes up and rejoins the Jellyfish Pirates.

Guilty Gear XX Λ Core Plus follows directly after in that he is hunting I-No down, as well as investigating the Post-War Administration Bureau. Depending on the player's choices and actions, Sol may do battle with Ky, and upon further investigation, encounter Crow and defeat his copy of Justice, before encountering I-No again and being pulled into the past and being forced to battle his past self, Order-Sol.

After their battle, I-No slyly kills Order-Sol. Depending on the players choices and/or if they did not use a continue at all, Sol will either be destroyed by the resultant time paradox as That Man laments Sol's falling for I-No's trickery and implores him to live (Path 2), or he will resist it and obliterate I-No, before returning to the present and battling Ky—for the second time if the first option was chosen at the P.W.A.B. branch. Their score settled, the defeated Ky says he will no longer pursue Sol, but makes Sol promise that they'll meet again before they go their separate ways (Path 1).

Material Collection stories Edit

Sol Badguy Story

Sol confronts Ky.

Close to New Year's Eve of 2184, Dizzy—acompanied by her son, Sin—requested Sol to help Ky out, who had reached a breaking point due to his appointment as puppet king of the newly-formed United Kingdom of Illyria. Sol found a deteriorated Ky praying at the church and provoked him. The fight dragged on and Ky was losing as usual, but light returned to his eyes. They fought until a frightened Sin grabbed Sol's leg and demanded him to stop. Ky then asked Sol to take care of Sin, and Sol accepted.

To restrain Sin's restless curiosity as they traveled the world, Sol kept him on a leash and trained him not to use his considerable power without a reason. When Sin was one year old, on a visit to Zepp, Sol left Sin alone for a bit to go collect a bounty. He returned to find that Sin had wounded some bullies, so Sol disciplined him and the bullies. Later on, Sol agreed to train Sin.

Guilty Gear 2: Overture Edit

In 2185, at the Village of Witches, Sol and Sin are attacked by the Vizuel and Izuna helps them out. After the battle, Izuna informs them that the Vizuel are destroying Gears, with their focus on Illyria. At the capital they meet Valentine, and Sol is shocked by her resemblance to Aria. The trio find Ky sealed in the castle, and Raven briefly checks in on Sol. After another confrontation with Valentine (who mentions a "key"), Sol and Izuna go get Dr. Paradigm from Ganymede. He frees Ky and Sin storms out. Ky then shows Dizzy's sealed state to them. They realize that the "key" is Justice's cells, which Sin also carries.

Sol and Izuna find and fight a brainwashed Sin at Bel Canto Valley. After Sin comes to his senses, they follow after Valentine, but the Vizuel stand in their way. Ky leads his men into battle against them so that Sol's group can reach her, and Sol punches Sin to stay with Ky. They find the gate to the Backyard closed, but it is opened by That Man, whom Sol almost immediately attacks with his Dragon Install. That Man—unharmed—enchants Sol, Izuna and Paradigm so that they can temporarily withstand the Backyard's pressure.

The three enter and catch up to Valentine. The Cube's "key" is already in motion, so Sol stops the process while Izuna, Paradigm and the late-arriving Sin battle Valentine. Sol stays behind to fight Valentine's final form while the others escape and the gate closes. Sol manages to kill her, with the last thing she says being "Frederick". He is unable to return, and That Man reappears. He warns Sol it isn't the end of the "merciless apocalypse" and urges him to live on. Sol asks if Valentine was really Aria, but That Man says they already killed her. Weakened, Sol vows to kill That Man, who will wait for him, before he is reunited with the others.

Guilty Gear Vastedge XT Edit

To prepare for the second coming of Valentine's forces, Sol decides to collect the Sacred Treasures to build a new weapon. Sol discovers that the Flashing Fang is held under tight security inside the UN's Harden Fort. Sol and Sin fight their way into the facility, where they run into Baldias and learn that the governments of the world are actually under the control of the Conclave. Sol is able to defeat Baldias and take the Fang.

Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- Edit

Three months later, Sol and Sin are still in the process of chasing down the other Treasures when they receive a message from Ky. He tells Sol that Ramlethal Valentine has declared war on all humanity, and Sol agrees to hunt her down for a W$ 1 million bounty in return. They meet up in Neo Newyork and, aboard the Royal Fleet One, they fly over to Ramlethal's location, Japan. Ramlethal is defeated but she was a distraction: the Cradle is retrieved from Babylon, and she moves in to kill Sol by self-destructing.

He survives thanks to Ky releasing Elphelt Valentine, who renders her sister powerless. Sol is about to kill Ramlethal, but Ky suggests that they take her into custody instead. Sol is distrustful of Elphelt, and admonishes Sin for his attempts at befriending the Valentines but Sin rejects Sol's lonely worldview. En route to Zepp per Leo Whitefang's suggestion, Ky privately asks Sol if he only cares about his revenge, and not the world, and adds that he, Dizzy and Sin will wait for Sol to "come home". The duo meets with President Gabriel and Zato-1, who reveals the Conclave wants to resurrect Justice.

After a failed ambush on the Cradle even with Paradigm and That Man's assistance, and Elphelt saving Sol's life once again, a changed Ramlethal finally talks: they will use St. Elmo's Fire and Illyria Castle to awaken Justice. Sol is tasked with removing Chronus from inside of Justice while the recently-unsealed Dizzy overloads the systems and Ky, Leo and Sin guard the control room. Although they are successful in stopping the Conclave, an apparently-emotionless Elphelt reveals that she accomplished her true mission—activating Justice—and attacks. Sol forces Elphelt's true emotions to surface right before she and Justice are recalled by her "Mother". Tired of losing people, Sol swears to save her.

Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- Edit

During the following week they are unable to find any leads on Elphelt's location, when Raven asks for their help in finding Jack-O' Valentine. Their encounter serves as Sol's confirmation that Aria was Justice all along. Sol later asks Axl to find clues in the past, but says he can't do it; on the way back to the capital, Sol is almost killed by a Variable X Gear.

Upon his return, Sol and Ky reflect on their past rivalry, with Sol understandably confused that Ky is currently uninterested in continuing their feud. Ky insists that Sol has a future, acknowledging Sol as a friend and that things have changed despite his past as Fredrick. In the meeting with That Man and Jack-O', Sol, Ky, Paradigm and Leo learn about the Absolute World, That Man's reasons for Sol and Aria's conversions, and that Ariels is the Universal Will; Sol is frustrated but agrees to work with them to stop Ariels.

Once they locate Ariels thanks to Zappa, Sol's group leaves Illyria's defense to Dizzy and their allies. During the journey, Sin brings up if Dizzy may somehow be related to Sol, who is embarrassed and avoids the topic. Upon arrival, Ky, Sin and Sol ambush Ariels while Jack-O' positions herself to fuse with Justice, replacing Elphelt. Sol defeats Ariels by hitting her with the Saint Oratorio that partially fuses Jack-O' and Justice, and Ramlethal is reunited with Elphelt. However, the fusion is incomplete and Daryl orders his fleet to fire at Justice/Jack-O' and Sol, who remains to power up a second Saint Oratorio to finish the fusion. He is successful thanks to Axl's time compression. A dying Ariels saves Sol and Jack-O', entrusting her daughters' safety to Sol.

Ky fights Sol (REV 2)

Sol and Ky fighting.

In Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2's After Story A, Sol shows up at Ky and Dizzy's state, looking for a fight with Ky. Taking a walk, Sol asks if their score is truly settled. Ky says it is, yet Sol objects him by explaining to him his pent up frustration and anxiety for years on end as to why Ky never fought him like how he fought on the battlefield (merely clashing swords with Sol as opposed to trying to slay him like he did with the many Gears he fought against during the war).

After Ky demonstrates a bit of his capabilities on that regard, Sol then upon his mark calls Dizzy a "monster" so as to anger Ky enough to fight "seriously". Ky wins easily, ending with Sol lying down on the ground. When Sol wakes up, he admits to wanting to learn how humans can face monsters, as he is preparing for his final showdown with That Man—who, as they speak, surrenders himself to the U.S. government.

Guilty Gear -STRIVE- Edit

To be added...

Abilities Edit

Sol Badguy is often noted to be one of the most powerful characters in the series. Being the Prototype Gear, Sol has been described as a "hybrid of Gear and human cells". He is immune to the control Justice has over other Gears, and possesses longevity, enhanced strength, fast regeneration, and some degree of invulnerability. Whenever Sol becomes serious or desperate, he may rely on his latent Gear powers to give him an extraordinary boost in form of Dragon Install. Given his past as a researcher, he is also an advanced practitioner of Magic Arts outside of his natural Fire magic, being able to grasp the mechanics behind spells rather quickly as seen in Overture. Other intellectual feats regarding magic and engineering include his involvement in the Saint Oratorio spell, and his creation of the Outrage and Gear Cell suppressors.

His fighting style is well-known for being self-taught, without much form and with a huge focus on all-out brawling while wielding a sword in reverse grip often powered by his fire magic. His attacks are often crude in nature, such as headbutts, wide-swinging strikes, slams, fierce punches and kicks, prioritizing practical application of his strength above elegance. Compared to his prior-self from years ago, the present Sol not only refines a lot of his control, but arguably tones down some aspects of his attacks as he becomes more jaded throughout his years overtime and less inclined to put in extra effort (especially when comparing his grounded headbutt throw from both his past and present self).

Sol's weapon of choice is the Fireseal, which allows him to magnify his Fire magic—that he often fashions into ground-bound projectiles—without straining his Gear Cell inhibitor headband. He later combines Fireseal with another Sacred Treasure, the Flashing Fang, to form the Junkyard Dog MK III as of the Xrd games. It now has a secondary function to transfigure into a long-range cannon that can fire magical bullets packed with his own flame magic, and can even unleash a "weak" version of the Saint Oratorio.

Thanks to Izuna's modifications to his magic during the Baptisma 17 incident, he has also tapped into the ability to use the Soul Sinker, a powerful and rather obscure summoning ritual that allows him to manifest his soul into physical reality and create Servants. Given the risks involved, he does not use it often. He has, however, made use of the matter displacement aspect of this spell in order to summon objects, such as the Fire Wheel MK II vehicle.

Yet despite his supposedly lazy personality in battle and general approach to life, Sol has maintained his smarts for magic and science from his past years, understanding how most of the world tends to work around him and with the creation of both his Gear Cell Inhibitor Device and the Outrage being a testament to his fruits.

Gameplay Edit

Throughout the series, Sol has always been a fundamental character to pickup and play, having very intuitive normals with decent range and overall, a standard gameplan involving him being up-close in his foe's face to control the match with decent buttons that make for solid footsie tools (with his standing Kick being one of the fastest-startup-normals in the game), a disjointed energy attack in the form of Gun Flame, an invincible-rising-anti-air via Volcanic Viper to make for a great reversal, a gimmicky number of gap-closers with Bandit Revolver and Riot Stamp, and the ability to tick throw into a juggle or air combo off of Bukkirabou ni Nageru/Wild Throw on top of also having his aforementioned Gun Flame be able to launch on hit for the same kinds of conversions. Furthermore, his damage is almost above-serviceable.

While his moveset has changed often throughout the series (Gun Flame no longer being a full-screen grounded projectile like in the first installment, and Tyrant Rave having multiple revisions), again, much of his gameplan involves the same. But at a cost, his weaknesses are quite apparent in that he has barely any high-low mixups (he is mainly forced to rely on frame traps and tick throws when applying pressure), not many faster-than-average ways of gap-closing, and has to often take risks to be in his comfort range due to his lack of full-screen conversions; thus zoners can keep him out with ease if he gets careless.

In the XX games with the introduction of the jumping Dust, Sol's in particular gained much infamy with the name "Dustloop" being coined. Sol's jumping Dust in particular could be repeatedly looped into itself for solid damage in the corner, as unlike most blowback-based jumping Dust attacks, Sol's would not inflict a wallbounce and could loop into itself with ease in the corner through the same juggle/air combo each time he jumps and repeatedly uses his jumping Dust. Several later revisions of XX would often repeatedly nerf this attack's properties to limit is combo-ability (normally through changing either its blowback direction or giving it heavier damage proration) until as of Λ Core Plus R and Xrd -SIGN-, the famed Dustloop returns in full force.

In XX Slash, his moveset gains a further emphasis on wall-based comboing with the introduction of his Sidewinder technique, and with it, the Clean Hit mechanic. Clean Hits occur whenever Sol hits his opponent square center on their hurtbox/sprite to cause a brief yellow flash and extra hitlag/hitstop frames to occur; Clean Hits themselves enable more untech-time for further combo extensions with lighter proration if done right. Though the more Clean Hits that occur in a combo, the more the sweet-spot (on the opponent) for the said Clean Hits will shrink until the combo is dropped. Likewise, Sol gains a new technical aspect to his air combos/juggles where he must understand what options must be used depending on his height in accordance to his foe (whether or not he can trigger a Clean Hit or not).

In Λ Core onwards, the Clean Hit mechanic is expanded to also involve his Bandit Bringer, reworked Grand Viper and Fafnir (which is now converted into a Force Break). Furthermore, Clean Hits done overall now also empower his new Tyrant Rave Force Break (based on both the original GG1 and X version) for one use with the damage increasing per Clean Hit landed prior to its activation. And out of all the new tools he gains in Plus R, the Force Break version of Sidewinder is claimed to be a godsend that for 25% tension to expend, Sol can land Clean Hits from it off of any hit, regardless of the height specifics needed to land a hit dead center.

However, in Xrd, Sol's Clean Hits have been removed in favor of returning to most of his old moveset perks while also adding in new tools, such as an air-to-ground converter in the form of Kudakero (a diving kick special move from his Overture moveset) and a new Dragon Install-only move on top of improvements to the move's enhancements itself.

Throughout XX, Sol's EX Mode somewhat mirrors Ky's while also having some minor nods to his older versions, such as the Λ Core EX Sol gaining Gun Flame Charge Attack as one of his Force Breaks, and so forth. Some of these said moves from his EX Mode (such as his Savage Fang Overdrive) were also used by the base version of his past-self, Order-Sol.

Musical themes Edit

  • Keep Yourself Alive - Guilty Gear
  • Keep Yourself Alive II - Guilty Gear X, Guilty Gear XX
  • Keep Yourself Alive III - Guilty Gear 2: Overture
  • Starchaser - Guilty Gear XX ♯Reload Korean OST
  • Sheep Will Sleep (If You Become Fatigued) - Guilty Gear Isuka
  • Give me a break - Guilty Gear Xrd
  • Ride the Fire! - Guilty Gear Xrd (Dragon Install)
Rivalry themes
  • Conclusion (vs. Ky) - Guilty Gear
  • No Mercy (vs. Ky) - Guilty Gear X
  • Noontide (vs. Ky) - Guilty Gear XX
  • Revelations (vs. Ky) - Guilty Gear XX ♯Reload Korean OST
  • Faith Shall Save Thee (EX vs. EX Ky) - Guilty Gear XX ♯Reload Korean OST
  • The Re-Coming (vs. Ky) - Guilty Gear 2: Overture
  • Reunion (vs. Ky) - Guilty Gear Xrd

Quotes Edit

Sol's quotes are usually abrupt, rude and taunting, reflecting his reticent nature and cocky attitude.

Allusions Edit

  • Series creator Daisuke Ishiwatari's favorite band is Queen, and he named Sol (real name Frederick Bulsara) after Freddie Mercury, whose nickname was 'Mr. Bad Guy'. Frederick is the long version of Freddie, while Bulsara comes from Mercury's birth name before he had it legally changed.
  • The special item that Johnny steals from Sol with his Treasure Hunt attack is a vinyl LP with a butterfly motif on the label, clearly meaning that he steals Sol's Sheer Heart Attack LP.
  • Sol's first theme, "Keep Yourself Alive", has the same name as the first track in Queen's debut album. Several chords are lifted from another Queen song, "Stone Cold Crazy".
  • Sol's headband is perhaps a reference to Queen's song "We Will Rock You".
  • Sol's Napalm Death shares its name with a British grindcore band.
  • In Norse mythology, Fafnir (also written as Fáfnir or Frænir) is a dwarf prince who, affected by the curse of Andvari's ring and gold, became a dragon and was slain by Sigurd.
  • The "FREE" inscription on Sol's belt buckle may be a double reference—one to Queen's "I Want to Break Free" and the other to Iron Maiden's song "Revelations" given Ky's own "HOPE" belt buckle:
Bind all of us together
Ablaze with hope and free,
No storm or heavy weather
Will rock the boat you'll see.
  • One of Sol's round win quotes is "Yare yare daze...", the same catchphrase of Jotaro Kujo from the manga/anime series JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.
  • Sol's clothing in Xrd features the phrase "Fight Fire With Fire", a song by Metallica.

Trivia Edit

  • Series creator Daisuke Ishiwatari designed Sol in many ways to reflect his alter-ego, and also recorded Sol's battle quotes from Guilty Gear until Guilty Gear XX Λ Core.
  • The word sol in Latin means "sun", and is also the name of a Norse goddess and a Roman god.
  • Sol's exact age is unknown, but as of Guilty Gear X, he has spent the last 150 years living as a bounty hunter. If he got his PhD at age 25 by 2014, that would make him 191 years old by the time of the original Guilty Gear.
  • Official artwork and Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- confirm that Sol enjoys smoking. He can arguably be heard lighting a cigarette in the Guilty Gear X Drama CD.
  • Sol's favorite type of alcohol is gin.
  • Sol's clothing brand of choice has always been "RIOT", the same brand used by Sin and Bridget. According to text in artwork, RIOT was established in 2134. Sol regularly carries around Fireseal/Junkyard Dog in a red duffel bag purchased from RIOT.
  • Sol has created a portable phonograph so that he can listen to Queen albums.
  • In Guilty Gear Xtra, Sol's hideout/laboratory in the ruins of Old New York has a global mapping system. There he keeps a picture of himself, Aria and That Man (whose face has been intentionally damaged). This is alluded to in Elphelt's win quote against Sol when she suggests that Sol would always carry a picture of her as if they were a couple.
  • A costume based on Sol's Xrd look appears in Border Break X Zero.
  • Sol has made guest playable appearances in the following games: Lord of Vermilion III, Lost Saga, Star Ocean: Anamnesis, Mabinogi Duel, Fantasy War Tactics, Chaos Heroes Online, Brave Frontier, Seven Knights, Last Period, Chain Chronicle, Epic Seven, Crusaders Quest, #COMPASS, Elemental Battle, Code Shifter.

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