The following is a list of quotes attributed to Sol Badguy.

Guilty Gear Edit

  • Self: "You want to play games with me? Next time you'll die."
  • May: "And I thought I was holding back!"
  • Baldhead: "Are all doctors this crazy?"
  • Potemkin: "All show and no go."
  • Chipp: "Out of my way, punk."
  • Zato: "Die, you pale, emaciated freak."
  • Millia: "I'm actually fighting a woman?"
  • Axl: "How pathetic..."
  • Kliff: "This is why you retired from the order, old man."
  • Ky: "Go to sleep, little boy."

Guilty Gear X Edit

  • Self: "Gimme a break..."
  • Ky: "You want more? Don't give me that dirty look."
  • May: "You were ready for this, weren't you?"
  • Faust: "Bastard..."
  • Potemkin: "You're far too slow..."
  • Chipp: "Can't you shut your mouth for a second, punk?"
  • Zato-ONE: "Are you done with your 'gallery'? Then go to hell already."
  • Millia: "I really don't like this...But if we must continue, I -WILL- finish you."
  • Axl: "I have no time to waste on you."
  • Kliff: "Damn...Give it a break, old man."
  • Baiken: "What's with all these women? What a drag..."
  • Johnny: "Get serious already! What am I gonna do with you."
  • Venom: "I have no business with you. Get lost."
  • Anji: "You're an annoying one."
  • Jam: "What are you still doing here? You waiting for me to comfort you or something? Go away!"
  • Testament: "You don't give up easily do you? If you don't get lost you're going to find yourself in pieces."
  • Dizzy: "Ugh stop crying already! You'd better disappear before I change my mind!"
  • Justice: "Later...Go to sleep."

Guilty Gear XX Edit


Note: Quotes against self, May, Faust, Potemkin, Chipp, Axl, Baiken, Venom, Anji, Jam, Kliff, Justice are the same as in Guilty Gear X.

  • Order-Sol (post-Slash): "...You get on my nerves..."
  • Ky: "Are you satisfied? Now you know your limit."
  • Robo-Ky: "I have a bad feeling about this. What the hell, bastard? I don't even know what to do with this anger."
  • Eddie: "Are you done bragging? Then go to hell already."
  • Millia: "I won't hold back next time. If you wanna go at it again, prepare yourself for that."
  • Johnny: "Is that all you've got? You're no fun, punk..."
  • Testament: "I've had enough of you...Get lost before I wreck that face you're so proud of."
  • Dizzy: "Don't hang around here..."
  • A.B.A (post-Slash): "Well, at least you've got a strong head."
  • Slayer: "Now you say you're bored? Don't make me laugh."
  • Bridget: "I feel sorry for your babysitter."
  • Zappa: "...Weird."
  • I-No: "If you won't sing for me, I'll be happy to beat the song out of you."

Guilty Gear Xrd Edit

  • "You wanna live pal, you better don't hold back."
  • "Sonofa..."
  • "You ready to get pounded?"
  • Ky: "You're gonna enjoy this..."
  • Axl: "I'm gonna wipe you off the face of this Earth, son. When I'm done there won't be enough left to scream."
  • Slayer: "What the hell, man? I thought you were retired!"
  • I-No: "...Where the hell is he?!"
  • "Heh. Too easy."
  • "Wasted enough time on you."
  • "That was a waste of time."
  • Axl: "Stay outta my past, you little bastard."
  • Self: "Glad that's over with..."
  • Ky: "Don't give me that look. ...Not bad, though."
  • May: "I don't give a shit HOW old you are. Maybe think before you pick a fight next time."
  • Faust: "YOU need to see a doctor before you try this again."
  • Potemkin: "Too slow. That brain of yours could use a workout."
  • Chipp: "You AND your mouth need to slow down. I can't even vote, kid."
  • Zato-1: "You supposed to be a zombie or something? How many times I gotta kill you before it sticks?"
  • Millia: "Next time I'm ripping out your damn hair. Now piss off."
  • Axl: "Strategy? Spacing? I just keep punching until I hit something."
  • Baiken (post-REV 2): "Yeah, yeah. Cleave my flesh from my bones or whatever. Just get lost once you're done."
  • Johnny: "If only there was beginner's luck in a duel..."
  • Venom: "Hope you enjoyed your game, 'cause there's gonna be a barbeque afterwards."
  • Jam: "A fighting cook...? Whatever floats you boat... But my policy is to sear everything well-done."
  • Dizzy (post-REV 2): "I told you not to stand in my way... This fight isn't yours."
  • Slayer: "Sorry old man, manners aren't really my thing. Gotta enjoy my youth."
  • I-No: "C'mon, you call that a performance? Get up. You can't screw around forever."
  • Sin: "Get up. If I kicked your ass, you'd sit down and learn the rest of your times tables, that was the deal."
  • Ramlethal: "You rely too much on power, you'll always run into a bigger badder wall. I'd suggest polishing other strengths. What, me? Yeah, I don't do that shit..."
  • Leo: "Can't take a hit, huh? Maybe you should learn to dodge."
  • Elphelt: "The father prays twice... At the church and the grave. How many times is this?"
  • Bedman: "(What's the deal with this guy? No response, but he hits like a freight train...)"
  • Jack-O' (post-REVELATOR): "What is this, whack-a-mole...?"
  • Raven (post-REVELATOR): "If you're gonna burn to ashes, then don't get up again. There's nothing more pointless than fighting with you."
  • Haehyun (post-REVELATOR): "Descendants of the Kums? You shouldn't be this old..."
  • Answer (post-REV 2): "If you're gonna play politician, you better learn how to put out fires."
System Voice
  • "Just pick someone."
  • Self: "That's me." / "Me."
  • May: "Johnny's little girl."
  • Faust: "The crazy doctor." / "Mad doctor."
  • Potemkin: "Muscle."
  • Chipp: "Hmph... Ninja President. Really?" / "Fake ninja."
  • Zato: "Weird-looking assassin." / "Emo."
  • Millia: "The chick who left the Guild."
  • Axl: "Worthless."
  • Venom: "The irritating assassin."
  • Dizzy: "Ky's woman."
  • Slayer: "The old bastard who won't retire." / "Old bastard."
  • I-No: "Damn guitarist."
  • Sin: "Sin the dumbass." / "Idiot."
  • Leo: "Some ol' chump." / "Lionhead."
  • Bedman: "Sleepyhead."
  • Answer: "This guy never shuts up"
  • "And uhhhh..."
  • "Whatever. Have fun, kids."
  • Instant Kill: "Rest in peace, pal!"
  • "God... really?!"
  • "Live or let die!"
  • "Go for it!"
  • "You're almost toast!"
  • "That was some good shit!"
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