St. Elmo's Fire or St. Elmo is a huge and mysterious bolt of lightning which strikes once every 13 years. There is no meteorological explanation for the lightning bolt, but it usually occurs some time around late October and early November.[1]

During the Crusades, the occurrence of St. Elmo saved humanity when it was cornered by the Gears. The lightning fell on the Gear army, wiping out a large portion of their forces. Since then, humanity has celebrated the arrival of St. Elmo's Fire. During its destructive power, easily capable of wiping out an entire city, Illyria Castle was constructed as a lightning rod to attract it and protect the surrounding areas.[1]

During Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-, the Conclave intends to use the energy from St. Elmo harnessed via Illyria Castle to activate Justice,[2] however Dr. Paradigm with help from Dizzy amplifies the energy from the lightning strike and overloads the system.[3]


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