Sadakomi here... Starting a small talk for Zappa...Edit

In the Trivia Section, the first bullet says 

  • Characters who have been confirmed to be able to see S-Ko: Anji Mito, Slayer, Faust, Johnny, and A.B.A

I'd like to point out Faust, as far as I know, faust didn't have a dialouge implying he can see S-Ko... Also, one of Zappa's ending, Faust totally ignores S-ko. And he can't understand the illness of Zappa. 

And I'm not sure about Johnny also, need clarification on it the two characters...

I didn't edit this page and my knowledge of the series has become rusty. I'll try to check again some of the GGXX dialogue, but as for the Accent Core Plus script, we don't have that. As for Johnny, I believe he tried to hit on S-Ko in one of his quotes.
Danseru-kun (talk) 10:21, June 14, 2013 (UTC)
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