I'm quite used to being treated like a monster, but I didn't expect it from you...

Testament to Potemkin, Guilty Gear XX

Testament is a recurring character in the Guilty Gear series. A human-type Gear that once was under Justice's control during the Crusades, Testament is the adopted son of Kliff Undersn. Able to wield odd magic and a scythe in battle, Testament fights alongside his youkai familiar, EXE Beast.


Testament has a pale complexion, red eyes, as well as straight, thigh-length black hair. Across all his appearances, he exclusively dresses in black (or dark violet, as seen in his Λ Core artwork) clothes: he wears a midriff-baring top with a mantle covering his arms, and a mid-calf wrap skirt connected by two belts, and secured by another at the waist. He has an arm warmer on one arm and a fingerless glove on the other, as well as a choker with silver studs and a pair of knee-high boots.

Testament wields a scythe in battle. In Guilty Gear, his scythe had a silver blade and was held with the blade facing down, near his right leg. For the rest of the series, his scythe has a blood red blade and is wielded with the blade level to his head.


Prior to to his Gear conversion, Testament was said to be a kind and gentle individual willing to sacrifice himself for the sake of others. He had a philantropic side: he specially liked children, taking the initiative to care for orphans, and believed that criminals shouldn't be punished for their crime but forced to rectify themselves. Hardworking and curious, Testament hated violence intensely and would rather avoid unnecessary battle, discouraging his opponents with sanguinary words.

The forced conversion caused Testament to become distrustful of humans, unable to forgive their cruelty. The annihilation of mankind, however, is not something he truly desires. Kliff attributed his son's madness to whatever he saw in the war, all the bloodshed, but it was a command forcibly planted into him by Justice. Because Testament had a strong will and great love for his father, he was semi-independent from her orders, and was not deprived of his consciousness and memory.

Upon Justice's death, Testament regains his original personality, but he is tormented by the sins he has committed and seeks a purpose in life. Wandering around in despair, protecting Dizzy—and later, the Grove—becomes a form of atonement. However, Testament cannot bring himself to share her optimism and chooses to isolate himself from society.



Born during the Crusades, Testament was orphaned at a young age and was adopted by Kliff Undersn, the long-time commander of the Sacred Order of Holy Knights. When Testament was old enough, he volunteered to be a soldier, and joined the Order as a knight despite his hatred for violence. Deeply grateful to Kliff, Testament wished to become his father's successor to return the favor one day.

During a mission for the army, Testament was caught in a scheme by the Post-War Administration Bureau: he became the subject of a number of experiments designed to develop new weapons, and was converted into a Gear regardless of his intention. It wasn't long before Justice took notice of Testament and turned him against humanity as she did with the rest of their kind. Now a killing machine, he found himself on the opposite side of the war from which he started, even as he retained his sense of self. Presumably circa 2140, Testament met Kliff in battle, and his father was forced to kill him. Unbeknownst to Kliff, Testament survived the encounter and continued to serve Justice, but he and Kliff wouldn't cross paths for the remainder of the war. At some point, he met Sol Badguy and learned that he was also a Gear, yet was unaffected by Justice's resonance.

In 2175, Justice was sealed in a dimensional prison by the Sacred Order, ending the Crusades. While a large majority of Gears became dormant and others gained a will of their own, Testament could not escape her influence. Still forced to comply with her directive, he decided to free Justice to resume her rampage. Testament thus, in 2180, orchestrated the Second Holy Order Selection Tournament's organization by the UN, unknowingly backed by the Conclave, and freed Zato-1 and Dr. Baldhead from their prisons.

Guilty Gear

At the end of the tournament, Testament appears to the winner (officially, it is Sol, but this varies depending on the character played as), revealing that he has hosted the tournament, and fights the winner, saying "All that's required is the blood of one more sacrifice!" However, he himself is defeated, and uses his own blood as the sacrifice. Justice is freed from her prison, but promptly killed by the winner.

In Kliff's ending, Testament tells his father to cheer up, and passes out. Before he can follow his son to hell, Kliff defeats Justice, claiming responsibility for Testament. The dying Justice realizes their connection and that Testament's feelings for his father were, perhaps, the reason why her power over him was limited. After she dies, Kliff claims his duty has been fulfilled at last, and passes away.

Guilty Gear X

Testament, nevertheless, survives the tournament and evades capture. With Justice's death, he also regains his original personality, only to be tormented by his own sins. In the Guilty Gear X Drama CD, Testament visits his father's grave to lay some flowers. There, he meets a young blind girl named Josephine, whom Venom tries to kidnap to force Dr. Faust to join the Assassin's Guild. Testament protects Josephine and they hide in the Grove, where she introduces him to Dizzy. When Josephine is hurt, they take her to Faust's office in the village, and Testament reveals to Dizzy that he is also a Gear. However, the villagers notice Dizzy's arrival and try to kill her by burning Faust's office. Dizzy loses control of Necro and Undine. Seeing her plight, Testament vows to live to protect Dizzy, and subdues her. Dizzy is then rejected by Josephine as a demon, and Testament accompanies her back to the forest.

When a large bounty is placed on Dizzy, Testament takes upon himself the duty of fighting off everyone who comes near. Canonically, he does this until Dizzy decides to leave, joining Johnny and May of the Jellyfish Pirates. His Story Mode in Guilty Gear X Plus has two endings, both of which are doubtful. In one, Testament and Dizzy decide to stay in the Grove for a thousand years until humans have forgotten about Gears, while in the other, he and Dizzy decide to leave the Grove together.

Guilty Gear XX

Testament arrives on the Mayship unannounced with the intentions of visiting Dizzy, only to find that she had been knocked off the ship by I-No. He curses humanity, and storms off to find her. He has three endings: in the first (non-canonical), he discovers that Dizzy has been killed, kills Johnny, and vows to avenge Dizzy by annihilating humanity. In the second, Testament encounters Sol, who reveals that That Man has returned and the Post-War Administration Bureau is on the move. In the third, he fights I-No and then a Necro-possessed Dizzy, who recovers and tells Testament that her fall wasn't the crew's fault, and Testament decides to become more accepting of humans to a point.

In Guilty Gear XX Λ Core Plus, Testament remains as guardian of the forest. However he is lured to go out for a while by I-No, and the threat that Dizzy may once again be in trouble. In one of his endings he returns to the forest and discovers it being burned by humans. He curses humanity, but promises to remain with the burning forest and to disappear along with it, resigning himself to finally rest.

In his second ending, Testament encounters Dizzy and upon escorting her to the Mayship, he returns to the forest, promising to remain there and protect it until a time where he has to leave once again. In one of Dizzy's endings, she asks Ky Kiske to help her know more about herself, but Crow's attack has reminded Testament of humans' untrustworthiness. When Dizzy proves her determination, Testament tells her not to come back as he cannot bring himself to forgive humanity; Dizzy believes there'll be a day when he can. They wish each other good luck and part ways.


Originally, Testament was a Holy Knight and presumably acquired the Order's techniques to fight Gears. After his conversion into a Gear, Testament gained the abilities associated to them; his physical strengh and regeneration capabilities surpass by far the average of a normal human's, and has been rendered ageless. He is one of the few human-type Gears, and one of a small number who managed to remain self-aware after the injection of Gear cells, being a "semi-independent Gear" according to Justice, likely due to his strong will.

In battle, Testament has a fighting style that relies on using his own blood for a variety of attacks; even his weapon of choice, a scythe, he forms with his blood by cutting his fingers. He can create webs he can use to trap his victims, and can transform his entire body into a liquid-like state. He is also proficient at summoning, calling forth skull-themed constructs to attack. He has a blood pact with a youkai, EXE Beast, which can take the form of a succubus, a raven or monstrous fangs. He seems to be well-versed in sealing rituals, able to break out both Zato-1 and Justice of their dimensional prisons.

Musical themes

  • A Fixed Idea - Guilty Gear
  • Bloodstained Lineage - Guilty Gear X, Guilty Gear XX
  • In the Arms of Death - Guilty Gear XX ♯Reload Korean OST
  • Push a Bush - Guilty Gear Isuka



  • He owes his name to American thrash-metal band Testament.
  • Several of his attacks are named after bands:
    • "Badlands" is a reference to the blues rock band Badlands.
    • "Warrant" could be named after the German speed metal band or the American glam metal band.
    • "Grave Digger" is named after a German heavy metal band.
  • One of his Overdrives, Master of Puppet, is likely named the 1986 album and song by Metallica.
  • His second Instant Kill, Seventh Sign, is an allusion to Yngwie Malmsteen, as it is the name of one of his albums. It is also the name of a 1988 American horror film; the title and plot reference the seven seals described in the Bible's Book of Revelation.


  • In the original Guilty Gear, Kliff mentions that it has been 40 years since he last saw Testament. Likewise, in the Guilty Gear X Drama CD, Testament says that he hasn't written a letter in 50 years, hinting that he might be in his sixties.
  • Guilty Gear Complete Bible posits that Testament likes pudding, instead of potatoes.
  • The succubus that accompanies him during battle was nicknamed "Zio" by fans, due to this name being used in a Guilty Gear doujinshi. The Library Mode in Guilty Gear Xrd finally revealed that her official name is EXE Beast, one of Testament's signature moves.
  • It is implied that Testament's Gear mark may be located near his buttocks, humorously exclaiming "Don't go near my secret!" when Faust uses his Shigekiteki Zetsumei Ken move.

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