The Forbidden Beasts

The Forbidden Beasts were designed by the Post-War Administration Bureau “Shuusen Kanrikyoku” (終戦管理局) as an Anti-Gear Weapon (similar to OutRage, but much riskier). This was their alternative to complete Gear conversion (turning humans in to Gears), since Command Gears could control any Gear they created easily. Through this means they hoped to capture the Gears and dominate them. On an instinctive level, Gears and Kinjuu determine themselves to be natural enemies, like prey and predator respectively.

—There are currently 6 known Forbidden Magics. We know there are six because of their enumeration (that is to say, there are 6 Levels of Danger applied to each Magic Chord Enchantment, the 6th being the most dangerous and potentially fatal, although we already know the 5th is unquestionably fatal). Here are the names of the two currently known Forbidden Magics, along with their Beasts:

卑・泥獄堕法第五法「触精影陣」 『エディ』

Hi-Deigokudahou: Dai(go)hou [Shokusei Kagejin]: “Eddie”

[Forbidden Binding: 5th Dark Law (Shadow Organism): “Eddie”] (Bound to Zato=ONE)

卑・泥獄堕法第六法「触精髪陣」 『アングラ』 *

Hi-Deigokudahou: Dai(roku)hou [Shokusei Kamijin]: “Angra”

[Forbidden Binding: 6th Dark Law (Hair Organism): “Angra”] (Bound to Millia Rage)

  • Please note that the latter is extrapolated data based on Eddie’s full name, Eddie did not officially have a name until GGX, he was simply known as “Shadow Organism” (触精影陣). Officially Angra’s full name has not been given as “Hair Organism” (触精髪陣), but simply “Angra” (アングラ), it is safe to assume both are the full names for now, due to possible GG to GGX retcons.
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