The Power that Chooses is the tenth and final chapter of the Guilty Gear Xtra manga series.

Story[edit | edit source]

Tyr and Mizuha watch in shock they realise that Geena appears to be piloting the mothership, which is restoring itself before their eyes. She spots them, and announces that she’s fused with the ship and her intention is to take revenge on what she sees as a ‘rotten’ world. Learning that Tyr, like herself, is himself a kind of living weapon, she challenges him to act like one and revel in causing destruction. Tyr and Mizuha refuse, arguing that no one deserves to be treated as a weapon, or mindlessly good or evil. Their first attacks clash and cancel out. Anji realises Tyr’s matter transformation powers have emerged again, but is amazed to discover that this time he appears to have them under control. Tyr and Mizuha finally launch an all out attack which defeats the shocked Geena.

Elsewhere, Ky reviews the information Sol left him. It reveals that the original purpose of the ship was not meant to have been warfare but to seek out other planets capable of supporting life, and Ky struggles with the idea that mankind could have been capable of devising two so very different purposes for the same vessel. Sol walks off, plotting slightly ambiguous murder.

A scene shows Tyr and Mizuha in some kind of town wearing new clothes. Tyr says that he still doesn’t know much about the man who created him, but he’d like to thank him if he ever gets the chance.

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