This Week's Yamaban, also called This Week's Climax!, is Faust's second Instant Kill, replacing in Guilty Gear X his Shouten Ochigoku under the identity of Dr. Baldhead. It was replaced, in turn, by This in the Xrd games.

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Faust pokes his opponent and is then laid on a hospital operating bed. Faust then dives on him/her. When he lands on the ground, he pushes a switch and an atomic bomb explosion is shown in an old film style. Afterwards, Faust opens the hatch of his shelter, and comes out surprised to see nothing left in the world.

In Guilty Gear X and EX Faust's version in Guilty Gear XX, the bomb does not explode despite Faust's repeated attempts. He walks towards the patient to check what's wrong but the bomb explodes, comically altering Faust and his opponent's hair into an afro.

The attack has long horizontal range, but easily low profiled. It will rarely hit most dizzied opponents.

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Game Damage Tension (Tension gained) Level (Ranges from 0-4; the higher, the longer the stun time it causes) Guard (How this attack can be guarded) Cancel Frames
GGX DESTROY -- -- ? -- ?
GGXX DESTROY -- -- All -- 5+12 (Startup (i.e. time to reaches its active frames)) / 4 (Active (i.e. hurtbox during which the opponent takes damage if it connects)) / 20 (Recovery (i.e. time to return to a neutral stance))

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