The United Nations (UN) is an important political entity in the Guilty Gear series. It was established in 1945 after the World War II and continued to exist until the the 22nd Century. Its existence became pivotal during the Crusades since it established the primary force that battled the Gears, the Sacred Order of Holy Knights and entrusted the OutRage pieces to the organization. It is unknown how the UN acquired the weapons which were created by Frederick.

Since the war decimated many nations like Japan, the UN handled all the state-less areas. The UN is also responsible for the IPF and the P.W.A.B, whose tasks include regulating technology and keeping the populace from the threat of Gears. In Guilty Gear Judgment, the UN declared an international emergency because of the outbreak of monsters in Viltania and issued a bounty to whoever can restore peace. Likewise, the UN also issued the 500,000 World Dollar bounty on Dizzy.

Prior to the events of Guilty Gear 2, it is stated in Ky Kiske's short story that the UN divided Europe into three entities and established them as the Allied Kingdom of Illyria. The UN then issued an election for the position of the king which Ky Kiske won by popular vote. However, according to an interview, Ky Kiske was appointed secretly so that he will lose his freedom to exhort those who are above him. It is also confirmed in Ky's short story that he was coerced into cooperation as the UN knows about his wife.


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