United States of America, also simply called "A Country", is an important nation in the history of the Guilty Gear series as the birthplace of the magical weapons known as Gears.

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Following the Dawn of Revival and ban of electronic circuits by the United Nations in 1999, as well as the spreading of the Apostles' teachings on magic, the US—like other nations—dismantled its "traditional" weapons and technology in 2010. Presumably, allowances of Zeal were issued to each household.

In the new age, American researchers didn't waste time to study magic and its possible applications. Among such studies was the Gear Project. In early 2014, a team of scientists under Vince McDonell completed a theoretical assessment of what they called "Gear" cells. Following a successful negotiation in 2015, the research data was turned over to the government for more thorough study. However, experiments went awry, and several core team members died or disappeared. Following the incident, the project was frozen and all related data was classified.

In 2042, the military and political influence of the US began to decline. They thus reopened the files on Gear cell research, with an eye for military use. In 2065, the first combat-ready Gear was completed, and so their mass production and monopoly began. The US deployed their Gears to allies across the globe, and brought "countless lands" under its control.

Then, in 2073, "That Man" finished creating Justice, the Commander-Type Gear that could command its kin. However, the same entity that caused the Dawn of Revival attempted to take over Justice and to infect the people of Japan. That Man had to override Justice's control, and used her Gamma Ray on Japan to stop the entity's materialization. With her psyche shattered by the incident and the Gears' status as little more than slaves, Justice rebelled. That Man was branded a war criminal as Justice gathered an army of Gears in 2074 and declared war on humanity. The Crusades that followed engulfed the U.S. along with the entire planet, leaving many cities in ruins including New York. Nevertheless, the country survived to see the war end in 2175.

In The Butterfly and Her Gale, a 17 year old Erica Bartholomew is elected into presidency. The Assassin's Guild tries to use her as their puppet leader but she is able to secure an alliance with Zepp to prevent it from happening.

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  • It is hinted that several Gear plants are located in the country, as Dr. Paradigm was born in Ohio.


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