Unspeakable Thoughts is the fifth chapter of the Guilty Gear Xtra manga series.

Story[edit | edit source]

At Ky's insistence, he and Sol move to an abandoned city for the fight. Ky declares again he’ll have Sol tell him what he knows about the situation, despite Sol’s usual impatience with him. They exchange some blows and banter, Sol eventually launching a Tyrant Rave directly at Ky, however, Ky reappears behind him and stabs him through the shoulder. He criticises Sol for leaving such an opening, and calls to the International Police Force airship above him, which responds by firing down several devices which appear to function as magical boosters. Using them, Ky deals Sol a seriously nasty electric shock.

The scene advances to shortly after the battle. Ky tries to tell Sol that any human’s strength comes from their ability to help (and rely on help from) each other, but Sol isn’t much interested in listening to him. He passes Ky a sheet of paper which appears to have the information he wanted on it, and seems to consider the encounter finished with.

Suddenly, they hear a high pitched whine coming from the Fireseal and the Thunderseal. The police aboard the airship contact Ky to warn him another giant Gear is falling from the sky above them, and that they need to get out of there. Ky turns to Sol, to find Sol’s back turned to him, and his headband dropping to the ground. Sol releases a powerful blast of magic which destroys the falling gear in mid air, before putting his headband back on again. He ignores Ky’s attempts to talk to him, saying only that he didn’t do it to help Ky out.

Meanwhile, Axl, Tyr and Mizuha are shopping for new clothes for Mizuha in London. While Mizuha heads off with a shop assistant, Axl explains to Tyr that the Japanese aren’t allowed to leave the Colony, which is why they can’t leave her wandering around in such distinctly Japanese clothes. He adds that he’ll leave taking care of her up to Tyr, which Tyr is perfectly happy about.

It turns out there aren’t any clothes for sale larger than about three sizes too small for Mizuha, but for some reason, she buys a new outfit anyway.

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