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The following is a list of servants in Valentine and Raven's Tribe from Guilty Gear 2 -Overture-.


An unusual tribe, Valentine and Raven's army has very powerful, low-cost units with various abilities, but the army mostly consists of support units, requiring it to be played far differently than any other. It is a hard tribe to use, but the second strongest overall.

Although this tribe is imbalanced in soldier types, the servant's individual abilities are excellent. The order in which these servants are contracted is important to their victory.



Name Class HP Unlock Summon Info
GG2 Valentine Raven tribe icon 1.png
Melee 470 -- 195 Unit with average combat abilities. Repeats powerful charge attacks when its life is reduced to half.
  • AT1 - Melee attack. (Dmg: 37.)
  • AT2 - Multistep charge attack. A multistep charge that deals damage to any enemy in its line of attack. (Dmg: 30 x 4; hit: 2 units)
  • Pskill "Nature Suture" (自然縫合, Shizen Hōgō?) - Recovers more life from the healing effects of capture units and ghosts.
  • Pskill "Rusted Metal" (さびた金属, Sabita Kinzoku?) - Poisons the enemy for a limited time. When poisoned, they won't be able to recover life from the healing effects of capture units and ghosts. (Ongoing dmg: 1-2 per second, duration: 8s (masters), 16s (servants).))
Gateau Skin
GG2 Valentine Raven tribe icon 2.png
Ranged 350 -- 90 A ranged soldier with a homing projectile. When knocked down, it will perform a counterattack.
  • AT1 - Normal shot. (Dmg: 30.)
  • Askill "I'm mad!" (怒った!, Okotta!?) - Performs an area attack when it gets up from a knockdown state. (Dmg: 80; hit: 5 units.)
P. Blancmange
GG2 Valentine Raven tribe icon 3.png
Magic 320 200 130 Can decrease enemy movement speeds. Also steals life from enemy minions and allocates it to allies.
  • AT1 - Special melee attack. Attack comes from the enemy's feet. (Dmg: 42; hit: 3 units.)
  • NCskill "Feet Pluck" (プラックフィート, Purakku Fīto?) - Reduces the attack and movement speed of enemies. (Duration: 20s; cooldown: 15s.)
  • NCskill "Drink Wine" (ドリンクワイン, Dorinku Wain?) - Targets an enemy minion and disperses half of its life to all nearby allies but itself. (Cooldown: 15s.)
GG2 Valentine Raven tribe icon 4.png
Elite Armor 1600 400 350 Excels in a wide range of attacks. If its skill Rex Claw hits, it recovers life for every successful attack.
  • AT1 - Melee attack. (Dmg: 40 x 2; hit: 3 units.)
  • AT2 - Flick. Melee attack with a high chance of knocking the enemy down. (Dmg: 80.)
  • Pskill "Rex Claw" (レックスクロー, Rekkusu Kurō?) - Each time it damages the enemy, its own life will recover slightly.
GG2 Valentine Raven tribe icon 5.png
Elite Mobile 1500 400 440 Has a variety of attacks. May summon multiple minions—or special minions from corpses.
  • AT1 - Midrange knockdown attack. (Dmg: 120; hit: 2 units.)
  • AT2 - Midrange ranged attack. (Dmg: 68; hit: 5 units.)
  • AT3 - All-directional knockdown attack. Flings away any enemies that come in contact with the attack. (Dmg: 45; hit: 5 units.)
  • Ckill "Cherry Summons" (チェリー召還, Cherī Shōkan?) - Summons Cherry, a mobile minion. (Cooldown: 40s.)
  • Cskill "Cherry Hatchet Summons" (チェリーハチェット召還, Cherī Hachetto Shōkan?) - Summons Cherry Hatchet, a mobile minion, by using both enemy and allied corpses as a catalyst. (Cooldown: 30s.)
GG2 Valentine Raven tribe icon 6.png
Elite Ranged 1000 400 280 Advanced ranged unit with melee abilities. Its skill Venom Slaver excels at neutralizing enemy ghosts.
  • AT1 - Normal shot. Fires a projectile that follows the enemy's movements. (Dmg: 52 x 2.)
  • AT2 - Melee attack. Unleashes a direct attack and withdraws when an enemy draws near. (Dmg: 70; hit: 3 units.)
  • NCskill "Venom Slaver" (ヴェノムスレイヴァー, Venomu Sureivā?) - Shoots a projectile weapon directly to the ghost chosen as Éclair's destination. Reaches the enemy ghost regardless of distance. (Cooldown: 20s.)
Miss Tiramisu
GG2 Valentine Raven tribe icon 7.png
Elite Magic 900 400 380 Has a projectile that hits multiple enemies. Also has the special ability to seal all the attacks of an enemy.
  • AT1 - Magic shot. Projectile that pierces and damages multiple enemies. (Dmg: 55; hit: 5 units.)
  • AT2 "Suture Needle" (縫合針, Hōgō Hari?) - Charge attack that aims at a foe with Bloody Marionettes. Damages nearby enemies as well. (Dmg: 75; hit: 5 units.)
  • NCskill "Bloody Marionette" (ブラッドマリオネット, Buraddo Marionetto?) - Seals an enemy's attacks. Sealed enemies won't be able to attack during that time. (Duration: 6s (masters), 30s (servants); cooldown: 35s.)


Name Class HP Unlock Summon Info
GG2 Valentine Raven tribe icon 8.png
Armored 350 -- 120 Minion that is summoned in a pair. It counters after being attacked, then self-destructs.

Available to Valentine only. Can be dispelled. Duration: 60s.

  • AT1 "Freedom" (自由だ, Jiyūda?) - When it runs out of life, its soul flies from the coffin and damages the enemy. (Dmg: 60; hit: 3 units.)
GG2 Valentine Raven tribe icon 9.png
Mobile 200 -- -- Minion summoned by Mille-feuille. Has a high level of mobility.

Duration: 30s.

  • AT1 - Melee attack. (Dmg: 15.)
Cherry Hatchet
GG2 Valentine Raven tribe icon 10.png
Mobile 700 -- -- Minion summoned by Mille-feuille. Produced from corpses, it possesses a high offense.

Duration: 60s.

  • AT1 - Melee attack. (Dmg: 46.)
  • Askill "Red Fog" (レッドフォグ, Reddo Fogu?) - Knocks the opponent unconscious. (Dmg: 20; hit: 3 units.)
  • Askill "Da Capo" (ダカーポ, Da Kāpo?) - Teleports behind the target.
GG2 Valentine Raven tribe icon 11.png
Mobile 2 -- 90 Summons one-crow type minion. The summoning does not take long, and can be repeated quickly.

Available to Raven only. Can be dispelled. Duration: 30s.

  • AT1 - ... (Dmg: 20.)


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