The following is a list of quotes attributed to Zato-1.

Guilty Gear Edit

  • Self: "Fool! How dare you say you've mastered shadows!?"
  • Sol: "How can you touch a shadow? It's impossible."
  • Ky: "Ha! You mean to say THIS is the power of a Holy Knight?"
  • May: "When little brats bother me like this, they die!"
  • Baldhead: "...Hmmm. Quite an unusual opponent."
  • Potemkin: "Your massive size is useless against a shadow."
  • Chipp: "At least it was funny watching you fly around."
  • Axl: "My mind can detect and defeat any attack."
  • Kliff: "And you used to be a hero, old man? Can you even see?"
  • Millia: "At last...! Only your blood can ease my soul..."

Guilty Gear X Edit

Guilty Gear Xrd Edit

  • "One against one..."
  • "I will show you darkness."
  • "Remember... My name is Zato-ONE!"
  • "Everything grows dull."
  • Millia (post-REV 2): "I will protect you. That is all."
  • Venom (post-REV 2): "Your resolve is second to none."
  • Slayer (post-REV 2): "I shall accompany you. However, unworthy I may be."
  • "I sense... discord."
  • Faust: "I do not care."
  • Millia: "I pledge this to you, I will become our knight."
  • Millia: "Do you believe me now, Millia?"
  • Venom: "Trust in yourself. You are stronger than this."
  • Self: "Amazing that you can mimic me to such a degree, but you are missing all of my experiences in Hell. Shall I give you a lesson?"
  • Sol: "As I know all too well, even unlimited power can only be harnessed in a limited number of ways. Not that it matters."
  • Ky: "As King of Illyria, you are an ambassador for the world. I am honored to have fought you. Not that it matters."
  • May: "Your ungodly strength is a legacy from the incedent in 1999...I suppose it's somewhat amusing? What's with those eyes, Millia? Wait, it's not okay..."
  • Faust: "You must defeat me. If I triumph, it means fate is nothing more than survival of the fittest."
  • Potemkin: "I envy the way your dedication motivates you, though I would prefer it if that power overwhelmed me."
  • Chipp: "A mission, a purpose in life...If a heart with compassion had not toppled me, I would have lost as you did."
  • Millia (post-REV 2): "I won't ask for forgiveness, or for you to let me go. I won't tell you that I wish to turn back time...But I would ask that you let me be with you."
  • Axl: "To the best of my knowledge, there is no record of your existence. What is this...?"
  • Baiken (post-REV 2): "Had I witnessed your raging passion before dying, I would have called you foolish. But now? I simply don't care..."
  • Johnny: "You blade...Only when I've accepted it cannot be seen by the naked eye was I able to survive...It does in fact move at the speed of lig-- never mind."
  • Venom (post-REV 2): "You seem to have recognized your worth. That same recognition is what I now seek."
  • Jam: "The power...of course -! Your bizarre 'ki' has tapped into the backyard long before we discovered magic. really doesn't matter."
  • Dizzy (post-REV 2): "I apologize, that was completely overdone. Eddie was overzealous of his reunion with you."
  • Slayer: "After taking this form, I finally understood why you are who you are. There is no need for an answer, is there?"
  • I-No: "Interesting. Your delirious ecstacy is the same as mine...though I no longer have a heart left with which to empathize."
  • Sin: "Someday you will face a great battle. If this is how you face it, you will not survive."
  • Ramlethal: "You're...yes, of course. Irrelevant. I think this is in both of our best interests."
  • Leo: "Records are fascinating things. Their creation is subjective, as is their later consumption--after all, all human activiity is sen through the lens of personal experience. That said, I hope that if I am to be remembered, it will not be as human"
  • Elphelt: "So, you are to become Justice...Being produced en masse in a world with no borders between others...or living in isolation in a barren world. I wonder which is the worse of the two."
  • Bedman: "Sure, I've seen through you smoke and mirrors. But challenging me in a mental battle is not the solution. You will most definitely lose."
  • Jack-O' (post-REVELATOR): "As long as you bark orders to your familiar, you will never achieve the teamwork Eddie and I enjoy. Eddie and I have, through our arguments gained trust for...why does this matter?"
  • Raven (post-REVELATOR): "I see you somehow have a growing attachment to the idea of pain...And my very lack of interest, you fight pleasant. I suppose there are are still areas where I can be useful."
  • Haehyun (post-REVELATOR): "Your attack may appear flashy but are actually quite vulnerable to your opponent's state of mind. Too bad I'm not attached to my 'self', that your tricks will not affect me."
  • Answer (post-REV 2): "I understand now...Your strength does not lie in your ability to remember, but rather your ability to forget. Can you teach me?"
System Voice
  • "Well then... Please select a fighter who interests you..."
  • Self: "Darkness itself..."
  • Sol: "I don't know..."
  • Ky: "A shimmering brilliance..."
  • May: "It's shining...!"
  • Faust: "Ashen..."
  • Potemkin: "Dull, but persistent, light..."
  • Chipp: "Dazzling...!"
  • Millia: "My Millia..."
  • Axl: "Somewhat similar to me..."
  • Baiken: "Dark...It looks like the depths..."
  • Johnny: "Brightness...but...also some shade."
  • Venom: "Venom!"
  • Jam: "A muddle of the prismatic colors..."
  • Dizzy: "Ah... Too bright..."
  • Slayer: "It was dark a long time ago..."
  • I-No: "I see something quite black..."
  • Sin: "A pure white...Beautiful."
  • Ramlethal: "Achromatic...?"
  • Leo: "A charming astringency..."
  • Elphelt: "I can't see anything..."
  • Bedman: "A powerful light...!"
  • Jack-O': "Half achromatic... The rest..."
  • Raven: "Monotone..."
  • Haehyun: "Oh... Vibrant..."
  • Answer: "A grain of light within shadow..."
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