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Guilty Gear -Strive- Starter Guide -9 - Zato

Zato-ONE and Eddie are recurring playable characters since the original Guilty Gear.



A puppet character able to control a secondary entity (his shadow) alongside himself, Zato is a technical character who can pressure his opponent with simultaneous attacks. Characterized by the ability to enforce overwhelming offensive pressure, they have plenty of dual attacking options to deal with opponent's defense. On the other hand, Zato and Eddie have below average health and defense stats.

Besides the Tension resource, Zato has a secondary meter—which represent the shadow's stamina—that must be carefully managed since its depletion will leave Zato highly vulnerable. When Eddie is summoned via the Summon Eddie special move, the gauge will gradually deplete, and attacks by Eddie will use some of the gauge in the process; the amount depends on the type of move used. If it is emptied, Zato loses access to his shadow for several seconds, and cannot be re-summoned until is is completely refilled. If Eddie is recalled while already summoned, the gauge regenerates rapidly, and Eddie can be re-summoned at any point.

The players controls Zato by pressing buttons, where as Eddie is controlled via "negative edging", i.e. the release of a button. While summoned, if Zato moves, so does Eddie, but vice versa is not true. While crouching, players can move Eddie alone whilst keeping Zato in place. When they both move simultaneously, Eddie will always move faster than Zato, and can reach almost any part of the screen.

Regarding movement, Zato can glide in the air for a brief period when he jumps and air-dashes. It is his main escape and mix-up tool, but is left vulnerable to air-grabs as he glides. He can also hide and move in his shadow on the ground, making him invincible for a brief time using Break The Law.



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