"Zessen" (絶扇, lit. Suppressing Fans), Anji Mito's signature weapon. Also known as the "Unparalleled Fans", the Zessen is one of the eight "Jinki". It was created by the scientist Frederick to destroy the Gears. Anji uses the fans to channel and amplify his wind magic. Originally, it was not meant to be used as a weapon, but to create and maintain the Dimensional Barrier that surrounds the Japanese Colony. Additionally, it can be used it to manipulate Ki, sound and electromagnetic signals. It can also be used as a means of teleportation or to spy on others from vast distances.


  • Mizuha's Grandfather from the Guilty Gear Xtra manga also possesses his own replicas of Zessen. He is also the one who entrusted Zessen to Anji, though the reason is unknown.


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